• Elegant and feminine french fragrances
  • Effective protection for 24h
  • 3 Natural antibacterials
  • 0% silicon and aluminum salts
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150 ml

The Deodorant-Parfum SEDUCTION expresses an olfactory adventure where the ocean meets the freshness of floral notes. It is a fresh oriental fragrance where tangerine and bergamot stand out, stimulated by ozonic and aquatic essences. The spicy accord of cinnamon peels, honey and caramelized almonds brings a mesmerizing magnetism, amplified by sandalwood and a powerful musk. Its intensely feminine scent and the balance of the chords make it addictive.
Notes: Marine, citrus, floral, spicy, oriental, woody, musky. Style: Sensual, Powerful, Addictive.


Shake the can before use. Hold straight, spray 2-3 seconds on the dry and clean skin of the armpits from a distance of 15 cm from the body. Do not apply to irritated or damaged skin.

Isobutane-propane-butane: cosmetic propellant
Alcohol: natural antibacterial
Parfum: fragrance from France
Propanediol: natural humectant, preserve moisture
Ethylhexyl glycerin: natural antibacterial, emollient
Caprylyl glycol: natural antibacterial, emollient
Aloe vera leaf juice: soothing effect

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