• Elegant and feminine fragrances
  • Effective protection for 24h
  • 3 Natural antibacterials
  • 0% silicon and aluminum salts
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150 ml

The MERCI Deodorant-Parfum Aloe Vera spontaneously evokes freshness and citrus. He goes naturally, in all circumstances, he awakens the senses. In the green and natural notes of aloe vera and galbanum, citrus fruits are distinguished, of which lime takes the lead. Citrus fruits are enriched by a fruity note of grapefruit and melon, accompanied by a floral note of jasmine, lily of the valley and violet. Organic Aloe Vera from Mexico complements this special formula for its moisturizing and skin-benefiting effects.
Notes: Fresh, citrus, floral. Style: Feminine, Natural, Seductive.


Shake the can before use. Hold straight, spray 2-3 seconds on the dry and clean skin of the armpits from a distance of 15 cm from the body. Do not apply to irritated or damaged skin.

Isobutane-propane-butane (propelant)
Alcohol: natural antibacterial
Parfum: french fragrance
Propanediol: natural humectant
Ethylhexyl glycerin: natural antibacterial, emollient
Caprylyl glycol: natural antibacterial, emollient
Aloe vera leaf juice: sooth the skin

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