24h Natural Formula

  • Tonifying and fresh scent
  • Effective protection against odor of sweat
  • Complex of 3 Natural Antibacterials
  • Free from Aluminum Salts and parabens
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150 ml

Deodorant and perfume TONIQUE is a fresh and bright male fragrance, creating an immediate sensation of strength and confidence. The freshness of the grapefruit and the pepper’s sharpness, combined with the freshness of the sea in the upper notes, excites and energizes. Medium notes announce the aroma of juniper berries and leaves, complements this cocktail with refreshing orange blossoms. Sandal and patchouli create the base note strength. 100% natural antibacterial. Does not contain parabens and aluminum salts. Notes: Fresh, citrus, wood. Style: Fresh, sensual, attractive.


Shake the can before use. Hold straight, spray 2-3 seconds on the dry and clean skin of the armpits from a distance of 15 cm from the body. Do not apply to irritated or damaged skin.

Isobutane-propane-butane: cosmetic propellant
Alcohol: natural antibacterial
Parfum: french fragrance
Propanediol: natural humectant
Ethylhexyl glycerin: natural antibacterial and emollient
Caprylyl glycol: natural antibacterial and emollient

Natural Formula FREE FROM Triclosan, Parabens, Aluminum Salts and Propylene Glycol

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