24h Natural Formula

  • Long lasting scent
  • Effective protection against odor of sweat
  • Complec of 3 Natural Antibacterials
  • Fresh feeling for the whole day
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150 ml

LEADERMEN Deodorant-Parfum INTENSE, it’s a masculine, seductive and virile at a time. The freshness of grapefruit and lime invites to the evasion and combines with bergamot in the top notes. Spicy heart notes follow, including a virile accord of star anise and ginger and woody notes. The result is an elegant blend of essences that awakens manhood and ambition. A deodorant and body spray with intense scent to use in the office as in the evening.

Notes: Citrus, woody, oriental.

Style: Fresh, ambitious, intense.


Shake the can before use. Hold straight, spray 2-3 seconds on the dry and clean skin of the armpits from a distance of 15 cm from the body. Do not apply to irritated or damaged skin.

ISOBUTANE-BUTANE-PROPANE: cosmetic propellant

ALCOHOL: natural antibacterial

PARFUM: french fragrance

PROPANEDIOL: natural humectant

ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN: natural antibacterial and emollient

CAPRYLYL GLYCOL: natural antibacterial and emollient

Natural Formula FREE FROM Triclosan, Parabens, Aluminum Salts and Propylene Glycol

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