MERCI for your beauty! 

Created in France, MERCI offers a line of Body Care, Face Care and Hairstyle products whose ingredients and perfumes have been carefully selected to sublimate the beauty of women. MERCI has been imagined by our cosmetics experts working for the most prestigious French beauty brands. For MERCI, they have used their expertise to create more accessible products with natural ingredients and the best French perfumes. MERCI is an olfactory pleasure at each use, with light and fresh scents to reveal your femininity.

JNSLABS Certified

MERCI is JNSLABS Certified. This certification guarantees that our line of cosmetics does not contain chemical ingredients dangerous for health and the environment.

It is indeed an essential value of the brand to offer efficient but accessible formulas, delicately scented, with safe ingredients and natural extracts of plants whose beneficial effects are proven:

Pure water from Western Tien-Shan, UNESCO World Heritage site;
Berry fruit wax & Jojoba Oil, a mix of natural waxes, alternative to sheep’s lanolin;
Aloe Vera organic, to hydrate and sooth the skin;
Vitamin E from vegetable oil, antioxidant, anti-age effect;
Papaya & Guava fruit extract, skin whitening.

You will not find these ingredients in MERCI formulas: Parabens, Triclosan, Propylene Glycol, EDTA, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.


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